Just look at the WordPress

Our blog on WordPress is a perfect example of how the audience participates and shapes the content. We are creating the content for our community by writing the posts each week, but also by sharing our ideas when making comments.

In fact, WordPress has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. It is an open source, which means that it is developed by and for the user community.WordPress project is carried by a community of dedicated developers, users, and supporters.The development of WordPress has started in 2003. After one year, WordPress came with Plugin Architecture. This made it possible for the users and developers to write their own plugins and share them with rest of the community. As a result, WordPress 1.2 was the breakthrough of that time, which helped to attract a lot of users. Since then, the project would continue developing every year, becoming a more and more appealing and user-friendly platform.

I believe that an increasing participation on WordPress has helped the project to be the success. It is an open source software, therefore the users shape the content.There are 76.5 million blogs on WordPress (as of 2014). There are 3 billion comments that have been left on WordPress sites (as of 2015). These figures are overwhelming.




  1. I agree that WordPress is an excellent example. Even what we’re doing now with someone putting their ideas out there and others responding to them is a form of participation between two different parties. I think blogs in general have been a great addition to giving everyday people a voice to write and post about whatever interests them or what they think is important enough to be discussed. It’s even led to full time jobs for some, which is an amazing thing to consider.


  2. I consider that wordpress is a very good example, which highlights how it has created a space for people to post, comment and transform the site as they wish expressing their ideas and opinions.
    I think that the people who thought of wordpress had a genius idea and knew that people will and still need a space where they can write and express themselves. Especially in an era where technology is a big part of our lives wordpress lets you access and post from anywhere in the word.


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