Online Lookbook describes itself as “the global community for the fashion-conscious”. It is a platform that offers the opportunity to anyone who is interested in styling and fashion to join and share pictures or just browse and find inspiration. It is a positive example of a website with ‘content significantly shaped by the audience’ because every picture that is featured has been posted by a member. It is similar to a fashion blog shared by different people from all over the world. After joining the Lookbook community members can post, like and save pictures and follow specific users they like. The website is popular between fashion-interested individuals because using it is an easy way to discover new brands as members can search not only for other users but for brands, products and specific styles as well. Lookbook also runs a forum where fashion-related topics are discussed by members.
In my opinion, is a fun platform that has built an online-community that is a bit different from what we are used to. It brings together people who are interested in fashion in a creative way. I recommend taking a look at it to anyone who likes its description, especially bloggers who write about fashion as posting on Lookbook is a popular, easy and fun way of attracting followers.



  1. I think that the Lookbook website can be helpful for those who are interested in fashion as well as those who may not know a lot about fashion, but are looking for inspiration about what to wear. I’m extremely fashion-challeneged, so sometimes I’m looking to wear something other than my standard, repetitive outfits – I would definitely use this website if I’m going out and feel like putting on something new! I feel like using this website would be helpful when looking for pieces of clothing/clothing styles that flatter a particular skin tone, body size, etc. Also, it’s comforting to know that the people who post to the website likely won’t be influenced by specific stores or brands to promote their clothing (since it’s all user-based).


  2. I agree that Lookbook is one of the few fashion websites where it is all user generated. It has allowed people from all over the world to post their outfits, which reveal their creative side but also their interests. I personally like it because it has created a global and multicultural platform where people express themselves through fashion. It gives you an insight of how your alike with other users in the clothes they wear but also different each having a unique style.
    It also is a great outfit inspiration in the moments you feel stuck in the morning and you do not know what to wear.


  3. I personally like Lookbook and its concert because it was quite groundbreaking an it is the only example related to a fashion community participating in joining a focused themed social network. Unfortunately isn’t much relevant anymore as it was 5 years ago because Instagram basically swallowed it due to its popularity and its broader appeal.


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