PLGRM is an Australian website that presents stories to its audience by way of documentary style videos. PLGRM is a media network committed to presenting ‘real stories to our generation’. Based in Melbourne, the site is run by a group of young adults aged 19-25 years old that look locally to source inspirational, thought-provoking and unique stories. They aim to be an open-minded and uncensored voice. A large part of this websites content is influenced and created by its audience. They encourage people to contact them with stories that they find interesting. There is a ‘your story’ section on the website, where members of the audience are able to share their ideas for, or their own personal stories. The team then takes these suggestions, conducts further research and then creates a video post for their audience. In this way the audience’s participation is extremely significant to the PLGRM website as it tends to curate the content they produce and present by providing them with initial ideas of what to go on and explore. This ensures that the website stays relevant and exciting to its audience, which helps to maintain readers/viewers attention and continued participation.



  1. This seems like a really cool website! I watched a couple of the videos that were posted on the site and was really impressed that the ideas that inspired the videos were likely submitted by people my age. I especially like that the website creators took time to mention that anyone who submits an idea will be given credit for that idea. With information having become so easily accessible and shared, someone could easily log on to a website like Tumblr or Pinterest and take credit for someone else’s thought or creation. Hopefully the emergence of more websites like PLGRM will help to change that!


  2. This website sounds like a fantastic idea! But I’d like to know what you actually thought about the website? Have you ever used it? It’s so interesting reading about all these user generated sites that I didn’t know about and PLGRM is one I’ll look out for!


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