Reddit. “The Front Page of the Internet”

Reddit is an example of how the audience has significantly shaped digital creation. Reddit describes itself as “the front page of the Internet”, allowing its users to post content- such as pictures, text, and links- on its website. The posts make the website like an online bulletin board. Registered users then can vote and rank posts up or down, thus organizing the posts from most popular to least popular on the main page, with the most popular posts showing at the top.  This process of posting and voting the content creates Reddit into a website for “what’s hot” on the Internet. This is why Reddit calls themselves the “front page of the Internet”, because the site actually shows what people are talking about. They are able to create the content then organize the content into what they actually want to see. The content is also organized into categories called “subreddits”, which include entertainment, news, gaming, music, books, fitness, comedy, etc.  These “subreddits” attract different audiences and help them find their topic of interest easier.

Reddit would not exist without its audience, for the site’s content is created and organized by its users. Without the users, there would be no content. In Reddit Traffic Statistics, it states, “As of 2015, the website had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking 14th most visited web-site in US and 36th in the world.” This proves that the way Reddit works and functions attracts large audiences. People love being a part of the creation of online content. They love sharing ideas and information with other people. The  participation with this site is significant, for the user generated content makes Reddit a source for what is popular on the Internet.Reddit is like an online community of the top digital news. People go to this site to see what is trending in pop culture and entertainment. Most of the content that goes viral started on Reddit, thus proving that the audience plays a significant role in shaping online information.




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  1. I think Reddit is a great example! Society definitely shapes its front page. Interesting enough, one of my friends posted a video on it that made it to the top of the page, so it went viral (before it was willingly taken out). I spend some time browsing on it too, its very easy to use because most of the relevant trends are on one website.
    It is a social networking platform and their users define themselves as a community. Without people posting, liking, sharing and in a way judging there would be no such a thing as Reddit.


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