Social media is ours

When you look at the Internet one of the most used platforms is social media, a concept entirely shaped by the participation and contribution of the audience. Without the audience social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr would be nothing more than empty shells. However due to the participation of people they are among the most popular sites in the world. Social media gives us the opportunity to get our thoughts out into the world, and in return we shape it into a key tool for communication and presentation.
Many people claim to hate social media and say that it is toxic, but if this is true it is only because we as consumers have made it this way. And regardless of this we continue to use it as a part of our everyday lives. Social media allows us to create a kind of online persona, and we frequently forget that anyone can see it. This ignorance can lead to the toxic environment I previously mentioned.
But it is not just individuals that use social media, businesses also use it to network and build contacts. These businesses are also helping to shape social media and the websites adapt in order to make this easier. The job of social media is to adapt to best suit the needs of the consumer.



  1. This is very true. There’s an Arabic news site that was only available on Facebook. Because many people kept sharing their posts, they now have about five million people on their page. This wouldn’t have been possible without the audience participating. Because of their success they also have launched a website.


  2. Really enjoyed your take on audience participation and believe you have to good points. social media is most definitely a common useful tool for users. Audience Participation is what keeps social networks such as twitter and Facebook functioning and interesting. User and social media now compliment each other. Users handle it by sharing and posting and social media allows many to many communication.

    I too like your point on social media haters. As we shape the information on social media then its fair to say that we as an audience are responsible for the pros and cons to social networking.

    Social media allows many different organisations and audiences to come together and communication both positively and negatively with each other.

    Seriously a great blog post, you found a type of audience participation that impacts on peoples everyday lives.


  3. I would agree “social media is ours”, we-the audience, the users generate the content by sharing, reposting, commenting and liking. Our involvement and participation is essential, not just for us, but for the businesses as well, as you have mentioned, otherwise this “social media system” would not be able to operate.


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