Thank God I can ask Yahoo! Answers

Think about a website that has been shaped by its audience … I don’t know! WAIT!
Who’s never read very funny and stupid questions on Yahoo! Answers? We all had.
Yahoo! Answers is the most famous website that is still being shaped by its audience. It is contolled by its audience and its purely made up by comments, questions, answers asked by its users.

There has been a few debates stating that the website is not taken seriously anymore, no one asks serious questions but “you ask on Yahoo! Answers if you’re stupid or if you just want to have a laugh” someone posted on my Facebook when I asked about their thoughts on it.

And it’s true. You head over the website and you find stuff like this
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 15.11.20
Worst example of a website shaped by its audience? Yeah maybe, but it’s so funny we can’t avoid visiting the website.

If you want to have a laugh, here you can watch 25 Most Ridiculous Questions on Yahoo! Answers.

Now I want to know … who agrees with me? Who visits the websites for serious stuff?
Will it ever get serious?



  1. I think that your example is a great way of showing people how many useless stuff can a person see on the Internet. It is created with a purpose of finding answers to the questions you are seeking for and the picture you uploaded is a showing that you can find an answer to EVERYTHING popping on your mind. Sometimes we, as an audience, are creating such genius stuff that words cannot describe! 😀


  2. I really hope that the screen shot of your given example is more trolling than reality…
    Some people probably just trying to get some tips or some ‘life hacks’, however, the are idea of posting on it its mostly to try to be sarcastic. In the way I think its funny and entertaining, but how about people who are actually seeking for some help through the online platforms?
    Does it has anything serious any more? Or its simply just a joke?


  3. Yahoo has helped me before! I think it can work when people have questions that are very basic to others but not to them. For example, if anything is wrong with my iPhone (not turning on or of, button not working…) I always check online first because I have no idea what could be wrong, however, sometimes the solution is actually so that even yahoo can help.


  4. It really is interesting how many things count as audience shaping, I never even thought of Yahoo as something going under this. And I agree, I really do hope the example you found is a joke! But this is a really good example, I struggled to think of an example as well to start with,


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