X Factor is a singing competition, shown on ITV. It started with three judges but now has four, and the judges chosen  usually change every year. There are  four stages to the competition which are: the auditions, the boot camp, judges houses then the live shows. This has been running every year since 2004.  Recently X factor has introduced something new that involves their audience, using cultural convergence  to  influence  their viewing figures up, keeping their audience engaged in the show and most importantly, rather than just sitting in front of the television it makes us feel as if we are part of the programme. So how have they done this? Well through their own X Factor App that they have created, which is available on Android Apps  and Apple store it allows the audience that are watching the show from home, to be a fifth judge. Being the fifth judge contains rating each contestants performance where you have the choice to choose whether it was amazing, good, ok, not good or terrible. Additionally the app also allows gamers to predict whether the  judges would like or not like the contestants and to also vote for the contestant you would want to keep In the competition. The question I raise now is, without audience participation  in these type of shows especially when it comes to voting, would talent shows be as big as they are? If not what makes these shows popular?

  The X Factor UK- screenshot



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