The user, a better developer than the developers themselves

Nowadays all the applications that come with our smartphones can be as perfect and as glitchy at times. This can be quite irritating for the modern user. Nobody likes it when Facebook, Instagram or a game keeps crashing and we get mad (and possibly throw the phone at the wall).

What is good about contemporary technology is that the developers can make constant changes and updates to the apps, which means they can be improved. Also, what different app companies do, is they give the user to leave a Feedback about the app and also rate it (one to five stars). If the user is satisfied with what the developer offers, then he leaves a positive feedback. If not, then he can say where the app has flaws and what can be improved. Though it does not affect the content and the product itself, the audience still has a say where it could have gone better.

This is one of the few examples of how users and developers cooperate online in order to improve a product. I believe it is not just about the application, but about how the audience can shape and change social and digital behavior.  I hope you enjoyed reading.



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  1. Feedback is a massive part of audience participation. I agree with what you said about the audience can shape and change social and digital behaviour. Apps probably would not be as successful as the are without user feedback because they wouldn’t know how to develop to what their audience wants. If an app carried on crashing like you mentioned they would want to know in order to fix that to keep their audience happy.


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