We make YouTube


As we all know, YouTube is an upload video sharing website that allows users to show different forms of video content on the internet. Since its first video in 2005 YouTube has gone on to have over 1 billion accounts that vary in many different types of formats, genres and categories.

But when you think about it, YouTube is shaped primarily by its audience. It creates the website and the audience creates the content. As the audience for YouTube is so vast and varied there is bound to be content that users have not seen, while new content is being uploaded all the time. Keeping users interested.

YouTube has also provided its users with many different tools to help meet the audiences needs such as linking your YouTube account to your social network accounts (twitter, Facebook, websites), YouTube messenger and the comments section. These tools can help YouTubers to better understand their audience and created more popular content in the future.

If a YouTuber becomes popular, YouTube pays that user as they are keeping viewers interested in the website. This then starts a new group of people dedicated to becoming popular YouTubers as they could pursue a career they enjoy. To name some locals, danisnotonfire, comedyshortgamer, Emma Blackery and KSI.

I, like many, am a YouTuber though, like most, am not popular enough to get paid. However, popular or not all users are providing YouTube with content keeping the website interesting and diverse.

One of my favourite YouTube channels is ‘Screen Junkies’, popular for their ‘Honest Trailer’ videos. This channel links it’s social network sites together allowing its audience to vote on films to critique. This allows the audience to get the content they want and allows the YouTube channel to remain popular. The comments section then allows the YouTube user to analyse what viewers thought about their video and qualities to keep and eliminate for the next one.

Do you agree, does YouTube and/or YouTubers use their audience to shape their content?



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  1. I think Youtube is a perfect example of audiences contributing and shaping the content of Youtuber’s. I used to watch several Youtubers weekly and a lot of videos interacted with the viewer like fanmail videos, challenge videos or simply interacting in the comment section. Without the viewers watching weekly, there wouldn’t be Youtubers with such successful careers.

    The platform Youtube itself wouldn’t be what it is if users didn’t upload and share videos. Like the title of your blog post says, we make Youtube.


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