“We want to be free”

I believe that there are many online videos that have been shaped by the society. The influential videos are a trend on the social media. Most of the news that been shaped by their audience are about the relevant problems such as race, war, heath and many others.

While doing my research for this blog, I remembered the video that was shared many times on the social media by my friends. Ukrainian girl, who was talking about the Crimea’s invasion, and expressing her concerns of her own country’s future, touched the bottom of my heart. My dad is from Ukraine and so are my roots. I do believe that this video was made to address the people from all over the world and to make them aware of what was actually happening.

I know most of the people do have knowledge of this Crimea’s occupation and most of the people know who are the ‘bad guys’. This video was addressing the society.

Society’s participation via social media could be extremely important. Don’t forget, we are talking about conflicted governments and  distorted accuracy in media. The brave image of this young women showed us how young people can change your abstract opinion and how this was as an example of many countries talking and listening at the same time.



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