YouTube would not exist or reach such a popularity if not its audience. We decide what is ‘cool’ and what isn’t by liking the videos, sharing and subscribing. So many videos would not go viral if not our participation. Does anyone remember ‘The Harlem Shake’? I personally see no point to it but it was absolutely everywhere.

I still remember watching certain channels on YouTube where the author had a couple of subscribers. Now, I go back and the numbers increased to millions. All of this is because we engage with their videos. Everyone has an opinion and if the author addresses a topic that we are interested in, it’s hard not to comment. In addition to that, if we like their point of view we might even subscribe and that’s how we participate in YouTube’s creation.

It’s incredible to think what an impact our ‘view’ on someone’s channel has. I have been watching a couple of girls on YouTube doing make-up or fashion videos and they would just do it for fun. Now some of them have their own line of clothing or make-up, a book about them has been published, they travel around the world to do campaigns.



  1. I think that YouTube is a great example of audience participation in the process of globalization throughout the usage of Internet. As you mentioned, i have also been a witness of people who become extremely popular and successful, starting from YouTube! A great example is one of today’s most popular commercial singers Justin Bieber. He became so extremely popular by using the power of this website. I believe that the full capacity of YouTube is yet to come!


  2. I agree, I think Youtube is an amazing example. It is now a community that combines users who are complete amateurs (and are well aware that they are) who make videos for fun and professional channels (like the Vevo channels for example) and I think thats what makes it so diverse and popular. No matter what we are looking for we will find it on Youtube.


  3. I agree that Youtube is a example of audience participation that must not be forgotten. As you wrote above, some Youtubers have a potential to get noticed by a large audience and they actually become famous due to a huge amount of liking and sharing of the audience. I think every audience might rocket to fame and decide who can be famous.


  4. YouTube is a very popular example of audience participation. The site functions on user content, for register users are the ones who upload the videos and can comment and like the videos. The website is then run by the users rather than the creators. The creators just provided the platform for audiences to then participate in. Also, going off the makeup videos you watch, my cousin also makes her own fashion and makeup videos. She now has a following of one million subscribers. Her success as a “YouTuber” depends on audience participation and feedback. Without the audience commenting and liking her videos, she wouldn’t have the career she has now in the new digital era. Now YouTube is a platform for people to start a career on the Internet posting videos of what they’re passionate about. Their career relies on the feedback of audiences.


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