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One very common example of how the audience participates in the content is in shows that have polling systems , allowing the audience to vote in different circumstances. It allows the audience to have an interactive content where they feel and participate in choosing their favorite contestants, and sustains the idea of objectivity, where the winner is chosen because of who the audience like and not interfering with the subjectivity of the judges, TV network or producer.

One  famous show that is now all over Europe is X-factor, it has become very popular and it is a singing contest where ordinary people have the chance of becoming known and also winning the final prize and being signed by a record label. When the live shows start after the other stages the audience who by now have had time in the other stages to form opinions, likes and dislikes and based on that they start voting until the last show where they choose the winner of the contest.

I consider that these types of shows, and especially x factor which is one of the most famous shows, reinforce the idea of having a interactive show where the audience is a direct participant in the show in this way keeping it engaged. Another idea is that audience like forming content because it gives them the sensation of great power when with just one touch you are able to decide somebody’s fate.

Below is the link to the video, where the last season winner of X-factor UK was announced.




  1. Every show is like this nowadays . Big Brother, I’m a celeb or even if you want to vote for the Brits or Teen Choice Awards. The voting system generates millions of pounds for the format. it’s true it makes up its audience but I find it very fake. How many times we hear people involved in the show saying winners have already been chosen? a very bad way to involve the audience


  2. I have also heard so many times that all of it is made up so that the audience can feel like they have an impact on who gets to win. I don’t participate in these sort of contest as in my opinion they steal your money and choose the person they actually want to win.


  3. I agree that this is a great example of audience participation in network society. X Factor would not function without the audience feedback and voting system. The show runs on the dependence of its viewers. They make the viewers feel like they have to power of the contestants fate by allowing them to vote and provide input to the show. Viewers then feel like they can be part of the X Factor community. This voting system creates a network society on its own, for people form online forums and fan webpages for their favorite contestants. The voting shows allow people the power to fell a part of an online community.


  4. This is a great example for audience participation, being a huge show for UK friday and saturday nights getting the audience involved and making it more interactive is a great technique for gathering fans. Making money for the company is also another great idea for this voting system.


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