Wanna ‘Meet Up’

Meetups is a great example of an online community. It is the largest global online social networking portal (based in New York City). It allows users to create, find and join both online and offline groups and events, giving users the opportunity to meet others face-to-face. They have many different ‘meetups’ all around the world and allow their members to participate. As a member of Meetups you can join groups that fit your interests such as politics, literature, games, movies, health and fitness, animal care and other hobbies.

Meetups is easy to operate. The user enters their residential information such as a City address or postcode and tags the topics they are interested in. Both the Meetups website and app allows for easy access and helps locate group information about when and where to meet.

The website and app also allows users to contact their meetup group through communication tools provided such as the Meetups messaging platform and the comments function that allows members to critique a group or event. This considers the member’s safety. After each event the group is sent an email that invites the user to establish further communication with the group members.

The Meetups online community benefit greatly from the website. It allows individuals to improve themselves and their lifestyle. It gives them to opportunities to try new activities and live a fuller life. It also allows users to socially bond with others as meeting new people could lead to new friendships. It helps users feel more confident and re-energises their personality. It also gives members goals to strive for and which can improve one’s motivation. Users can also learn new things and adapt to new experiences.

The website also has found a way to keep its users safe. By meeting face-to-face users can feel safer as they are acquainted with the people that they are communicating with. By meeting up in a group it allows users to find safety in numbers as events are performed in teams.

However, there are some issues to this social community. Some people could be false and only want to sell their own services. Some users hate small talk and may get unnerved by this type of communication. Also new friendships could lead to obligations and new responsibilities that could hinder the user’s life.

Meetups aims to revitalize local communities by helping people organise their personal lives and makes positive changes in those who need it.


What do you guys think about Meetups? Would you join it?




  1. Wow, this is fantastic! The communities that I’m involved with through Tumblr and Twitter sometimes arrange meetups, but they rarely take place at locations that I can travel to. It’s nice to see that there’s a platform that encourages people to come together, interact, and build friendships. Also, I agree that facilitating the meeting up of large groups (vs. small groups/one-on-one) is significant – interacting with a large group can help people become more relaxed and comfortable and also feel better about their personal safety. Have you used this website in the past? If not, would you consider using it?


  2. I’ve used meet up during my Au Pair time in Paris, and can only recommend it! It works especially well in large cities, because there are so many events to choose from. It’s a great way to meet people and exchange ideas. I joined two sport groups for skating and volleyball, and had a great time. On the weekend I went to an Au Pair Brunch, where only a few people attended. At first it was a bit awkward, but it was interesting to share our Au Pair experiences. On the whole its a great app, and I definetely recommend trying it in London!


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