Working It Out (Together)


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This particular community is not one that I engage with myself–the fitness community. It is one that people can encounter on a variety of different media platforms. One that I’m most familiar with is through Instagram, but can easily be found on YouTube, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc. My roommate back in the states was an avid follower of all things fitness and health. She even made an Instagram fitness account and now has over 1,500 followers. One of the most prevalent people currently in the fitness world is Kayla Itsines, who has her own website, app, and over 4.5 million Instagram followers. Through platforms and apps, like Instagram, users who are part of Kayla’s fitness program can connect with one another and provide encouragement and inspiration. People can share the healthy meals they’ve made and post photos to update their progress since they started working out or eating healthier. Using hashtags to connect with people in the same fitness program or regime can create even smaller communities within a main community. Some challenges and limitations could be the way in which people present their progress. It can be intimidating to others who are earlier in their fitness journey, or it could create more pressure in the community to feel like there are certain requirements to meet. Overall, it’s a community focused on encouraging peoples’ pursuits and helping all involved to become healthier, happier individuals.


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  1. This is a very positive example of an online community which sounds fun at that same time! The way in which they use social media with that hashtags makes to even more appealing to our generation. Getting fit and healthy is easier with friends so by this community even though you probably don’t know anyone it is still great because of the motivation others can give. You can get ideas of different foods to eat and really be inspired by looking at other peoples progress and want that to be you which is why this online community sounds great. I agree with the limitation you mentioned however looking at it in a positive light doesn’t make you think like that and even though I’m not on a diet or exercising I will check this out!


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