Oxfam communities

I think Oxfam communities could be a positive example of an online community because they might help to gather more volunteers who are needed for Oxfam events and share information about the events.

For example, if someone needs volunteers, he or she posts information such as an outline of an event, and then people who are interested in the event write a comment on a thread. Original posters can find volunteers whom the posters might not met in their real lives. This might be one of the benefits of the communities because the original posters could receive wider support. In addition, there is a post such as “Send a message of support to our staff.” This blog aimed to receive a comment to the Oxfam staff who dedicated themselves to“Birth in Safe Hands Project” in Ghana. As a result, 242 comments were written on the blog. By sharing the information and adding comments on the thread online, the Oxfam staff and supporters could foster positive relationship between them, which might be another benefit.

However, it might be challenging to spread information beyond the online communities because they have not adopted the system like Facebook like button. On Facebook, even if you are not interested in events or information, there is a possibility to see them because of “like” of your friends. On the other hand, it might be difficult to know information about Oxfam communities unless you are part of the communities.


Oxfam (no date). Home. Oxfam Communities. Available from http://community.oxfam.org.uk/ [Accessed 29 February 2016].


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  1. Never knew there was an Oxfam community, what a great idea for them to help raise awareness and funds for charity! Also definitely a great example of a positive community, I’d be very shocked if someone went around posting negative comments or online bashing a website for charity. I like that you’ve thought about and pointed out some of the potential limitations of this community not being able to connect with those who have not made the decision to sign up. Nice work!

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