Visibility vs. Privacy.

I’ve never really taken the time to consider how visible I am online. How out there my thoughts, ideas, photos, and information could be to anyone who wants to know more about me. I’ve thought about it before, but it was more of a “Why would anyone really care? It’s not like I plaster my address and social security number up for all to see.” In a nutshell, I figured no one besides friends and family would really care about my online presence. When I google my full name not much comes up, only a link to my Google+ which I have nothing displayed on. Although when I google my “nickname” and surname, a few of my photos appear in Google images along with a link to my Twitter and the articles that I’ve written for different online internships. What is slightly off putting are the images that appear in Google images, as some of them were my Twitter profile photo for a short time but aren’t anymore, which means they somehow got saved to the archives. I don’t really understand how all the technicalities work concerning posting, privacy, etc. and maybe I should. Maybe we all should. When we post something and decide to delete it a day later or even minutes later, many people may assume that means it’s deleted, gone, forever. But in those mere minutes it can be saved, distributed, archived, and you deleting it off your profile, app, or page doesn’t really change much. I like to think I’m smart about what I post. I have my Facebook settings fairly private for just friends to see, especially photos and statuses. I don’t post anything private, vulgar, inappropriate, etc. on Twitter or Instagram since I have those accessible to anyone. I try to keep it all organised and clean. I think it’s a fine line between maintaining a healthy online presence and putting too much of yourself out there.




  1. I agree. I believe, as long as your posts aren’t too personal, private pr offensive open accounts can work. Especially since you are aware that other people will see it and have the chance to comment.
    The tricky part is that we don’t know exactly what gets saved and in what way, you are right. This is why its important from the start to beware that what ever we post may “come back and haunt us”.


  2. As I mentioned in my blog we need to “think twice” before posting something online because EVERYONE can see it. Have you ever searched for your name on Google? I found pictures of me I took in like 2010 which I deleted years ago. As long as you don’t want to be the new Kim Kardashian, that’s a bit scary, isn’t it?


  3. I’ve also noticed that my pictures come up on google search, especially because my name is quite uncommon. It is kind of concerning, especially when it’s a really old photo I don’t use anymore. But we should all be aware that our photos become visible using things like Twitter and Facebook, and take that into consideration.


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