Get In

The mos1346331081419_797630t useful online community I can think of is definitely LinkedIn. Especially, if you are interested in understanding a particular business sphere, I believe LinkedIn is the best place to begin your journey.

The first time I started using it was right after I started studying PR and Advertising. I was really interested in the constant movement of the industry but I didn’t know how to follow every trend and keep up to date, which is very important for PR.

So, after I followed a few basic profiles in LinkedIn, many more started to appear as proposals and I would say that now my interest has been fully satisfied. What is more, after I found out interesting and important people for the industry I followed them on other platforms or discovered their websites, which enriched my industry culture even more.

I believe that LinkedIn remains the classiest platform providing valuable and trustworthy information. It differs from other platform because it is serious and grown-up platform, which is not interesting for young teenagers to post their thoughts or pictures. If you don’t have a profile at LinkedIn yet, it is about time you get In.       



  1. I don’t have a LinkedIn profile myself, because I thought its purpose was to connect one professional to another, acting sort of like an online resume. I wasn’t aware that you could follow pages and things that show trends in various industries. I hadn’t set one up because I felt I didn’t have any professional experience to present on my profile, but now I know it is used for more than that I might set one up and get a bit more in touch with the movements of PR and media comms industry. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


  2. I’m in the same situation as the previous commenter. I didn’t know that creating a LinkedIn account for someone who doest have any experience in the field they want to be working in made any sense. Thank you, this was very helpful. I will take a look at it. Are there any specific profiles you would recommend for me, as another PR student, to follow?


    • Hey, it depends on what your interests are more specifically. I followed a few pages of some PR firms or Advertising Agencies. You can try and find something relevant to what interests you more deeply and when you start to read their ideas and news you fell much more connected to the firm. It is a good experience.


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