This week’s blog post idea had me stumped for a little while. Sure I’m part of online communities, such as all my social media sites, however with an emphasis on ‘positive’ I struggled to think of one off the top of my head. Social media is inundated with an endless stream of negativity from anonymous keyboard warriors, and I’m not really signed up to many other online communities. So I decided to actually go hunting for one online, and what I came across was a website created by actor/comedian Zoe Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi. It’s called HelloGiggles, a space aimed at connecting people creatively in an entertaining and supportive environment. Deschanel points out the abundance of negativity online and in response has helped to create this website with a ‘no gossip’ policy. HelloGiggles explicitly defines itself as a ‘positive online community for women’ and works to provide mature, inspiring and creative content to its users. I find it quite refreshing to see there are websites that really focus on providing safe and positive space for users, when many others provide platforms for negativity through their efforts to encourage user freedom (not that I’m implying users shouldn’t have freedom online). Anyway if you want to read some interesting stuff and watch some cool videos, check it out!


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  1. I have never heard of ‘HelloGiggles’ and reading your post intrigued me to look at it (also because I am a big Zoe Deschanel fan!). This online community looks very positive and it is nice that it bans negative and gossip because of it being a community for women it could tend to get catty otherwise. There are all different topics to pick from at the top aswell as different hashtags at the side for the community which I think works really well. Overall this is a very good example of a positive online community and I will defiantly be using it more!


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