Love traveling? Then, this is perhaps for you…

I found this really cool example of an online community-TravBuddy. TravBuddy is the largest online community that connects the travellers. It was launched in 2005 and it now has more than 600,000 travellers sharing their experiences online.

TravBuddy allows users to “find travel buddies” who are planning to go to the same places at the same time. Users are divided into “going” and “local”. “Going” -are the ones who are traveling to the destination, “local”- are the people living at the destination. (Some may even be glad to give you a tour around the city). TravBuddy users can interact with each other by posting their travel blogs on the site, commenting, uploading images from the trips and providing reviews.

Travellers can give or gain a “real” feedback, which is of great help to others. After socializing online, users can find people to travel with and meet them in real life. This may mostly appeal to the solo travellers, who do not want to travel alone. Although, meeting people online is usually suspicious, since you never know who is behind the screen, it is still a great way not to just meet someone new, but also to gain some useful tips and knowledge about the destinations.



  1. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I am an exchange student and will only be living in the UK for a couple more months, so I want to do as much travelling as I can – this seems like a great resource! Like you said, I’d have to make sure to be careful, as meeting up with people you meet online can be risky, but hopefully the risk will pay off! The fact that the site showcases travel blogs is really great, since I’m always looking for travel advice/new places to go. Out of curiosity, do you know anyone who regularly (and successfully) uses this site?

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