Online community is defined as the group of people who share, interact and work together to reach a common goal. “Online communities are no longer primitive forums”. Now it is all about connection via social media, ‘life hacks’, common interests and most importantly – interaction with other people.

Most of you probably heard about MUMSNET, even if you do not have multiple children. Yet.  This online mother community has a quite diverse reputation. Some people see it as active judgmental feministic movement and some see it as a simple story sharing website. Before you start being all passive, I would like to underline that it is not all about the breastfeeding or variety of trolleys. Even though you can find like a billion examples of it. But it is not relevant to any of you. Yet. There are broad sections about traveling and cooking, saving and working.

In my defence, I think it is a positive example of online community. Every member, must benefit from their participation, otherwise they would not be a part of it. I think there are no limitations for this particular online society. Every child is different and every mother see the situation from a different perspective.

Would you say this online community is positive example or just a bunch of outraging feminist?



  1. Maybe it’s because I’m not from the UK, but I’ve actually never heard of this website. It sounds very interesting to me and after looking over the homepage and some of the different pages, like “Babies” and “Food”, I definitely seems to be a positive community. The site is helping mothers in different aspects of their life, as well as encouraging them that they “can have it all” as people like to say. I think any site that includes tips for mothers from childcare to food, to how to work while you have kids, is one that should be appreciated. It’s probably encouraging to those who use the site that they’re not the only ones dealing with similar issues and wants.


  2. Mumsnet can be a really great Place for mums to share their experiences and advice, especially for young mums and new parents. However I also think that mums can be quite pushy people and always think their opinion is right, and this means that they can give the wrong advice. Or at least unrealistic advice because they don’t fully understand the situation of another person.
    I think with mumsnet, as with everything else, you have to take everything you read with a pinch of salt.


  3. I think MUMSNET is a great example of an online community, and although not aimed are us it does help lots of people. I don’t think it’s just a feminist movement, it’s there to help all parents and pass advice – something particularly good for new parents who have concerns. It can also help parents who find they are tired of just spending time with children and need to make some new adult friends that understand them.


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