What about Facebook?

We live our life through Facebook, don’t we? The most used social network across the world. Now, some of you may not like it or may not use it but I still think that overall, Facebook is the greatest example (maybe a bit too mainstream) of online community existent.

How many times have we thought “Why did I not think about Zuckerberg’s idea?”.
We use Facebook to post everything, from our pictures with friends, our night outs, our thoughts about our loved ones … literally everything.

Is it worth using Facebook as online community? What’s the benefit of it?
Well, as a journalism student I find Facebook interesting because we get to experience people’s stories, people’s comments, people’s experiences but sometimes it turns out to be too much, too overwhelming and you might think it unnecessary.

Facebook is developing onto a news platform as well with connections with big and famous headlines like The Guardian, The Sun, Metro – it’s also the perfect platform if you want to find out what’s you best friend been up to when she wasn’t texting you back last night.

Let’s be honest – what else do we need from an online community?


1 Comment

  1. I think Facebook works perfectly well as a tool for communication, and while the news feed is nice it is also unnecessary for me. However I do understand why some people might find it useful. In general I think Facebook gives us everything we need from an online community; the ability to share photos and videos, post statuses and use messenger.


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