A online community for students

The Student Room is a website where students around the world can discuss ideas and ask for advice related to university and students in general. Founded in 2002, the site has receive 45 million posts and has over 1.35 million members. I’m sure as students ourselves, we have encountered the Student Room looking for information and guidance.

The website has nine different menus heading as seen in the picture below, in each one there are a selection other sub headings to choose from. For example, the menu heading that says “University” has other headings like “Exam help” or “Freshers”, this helps direct you to what you are searching for a lot easier.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.09.10 pm

I think online communities such as The Student room are very usual for our generation as it’s a place which feels exclusive to just students where guidances can be given whether if its a personal matter or help on a course. It also gives a personal feel to it as you are reading forums or given advice from students in the same situation which is very comforting to hear.

The limitations and challenges that The Student Room have is the fact that the advice given may not be accurate or disputes on forums could happen over disagreements.

In conclusion, I feel The Student Room accurately demonstrates what a positive online community is. In my own experience, I have definitely used it when looking for universities about wanted to know more about the university/course from a students perspective. It’s an online communities for  looks students to give and receive advice from other students who have experience similar situations or is a place for revision tips, student life advice and everything else.


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