Body Positivity, through online spaces.

There are loads of different online communities out there, some positive and some unfortunately not for all positive. They are all there for different reasons, positively this can mean finding support, finding people with similar interests, or in some cases just to hang out. One Tumblr blog I found was GTFOthinspo, although not a chat room or a forum it is still an online positive place to show body positivity. It allows people to join together and help one another grow. It’s also somewhere to find new friends that have experienced similar issues i.e eating disorders, problems with fat shaming, racism, sexism, and so on.
I would say a big limitation of this lay out is the lack of simple talking, massively hindered by it not being a chat room of forum. However that’s not to say it won’t put you in touch with people, but you’ll just have to be brave and direct message someone and hope for the best.
I really love this blog, and I think it really tackles some issues that need to be addressed more as well as being a supportive place. But what did you guys think? Does this still count as a positive online place if there is a lack of mass communication?


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  1. It is still positive because of their content. But it would make a bigger impact if they developed a chat room where people can discuss all together instead of two people messaging each other. I find sometimes reading through other comments is helpful, which is why a chat room would make it better.


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