Have you Periscoped?


The new live streaming app allows you to broadcast and watch live videos from across the world. The video stream is saved for up to 24 hours. The app is becoming more popular as Wi fi access and 4G availability is increasing.

It certainly hasn’t reached it’s full capacity, and is likely to become a widely used tool for online journalism. The live feeds must be shot from an apple device, but can be viewed from all smartphones. The app allows for greater immediacy through live videos. The fact that it’s current and that your watching something that’s happening now, is what makes it unique.

I think a negative aspect is, that if your not wanting to use twitter, you can’t use the app. You have to use an active account in order to broadcast or view videos.

When you download and open the app, you have the option to follow who you are connected with on twitter.You can also choose to be notified when someone who you follow is live streaming. And of course you can communicate via messaging.

I think a big plus is that it’s very simple to use, and you can stream live with one click. Your also able to select who can view your video from your twitter followers.

Twitter Periscope app live stream broadcast

Do you think this could be a twitter revolution? Would you try it?



  1. Hey! Periscope is becoming “the thing” now. Even though, I rarely do any broadcasts I still use it more than Twitter. I believe it is a different experience. The fact that people from any point of the world can watch you live is crazy…


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