The first online community that came into mind was Snap chat. Which I think is a perfect example of the newest form of social network, that is taken over. Especially amongst most teenagers nowadays, you can arguably say that snap chat is used more than Instagram and Facebook. IPhone was the first to create a sense of community with IPhone users, where you are able  to reveal your day-to-day lives, allowing us as non-celebrities to have our own form of a reality show on Snap chat. This created a community of trust to want to expose things we do in our every day lives.

One question that raises is, how do we benefit as participants of the Snapchat community? Well quoting David Amerland , he says that ‘social media is addictive, precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks; it gives us immediacy, direction and value as an individual’.  Another benefit is forming and building relationships though sharing your reality with others and being able to communicate with them too. However the question I have for you is whether there are disadvantages to being a participant to the Snapchat community and if there are what are they?





  1. I was intrigued by the title and I agree with the fact that Snap Chat is our own reality show cause we post snaps about our life. I don’t have snapchat, I might be boring as people say, but I really dont like it, I find it boring and useless.


  2. I believe Snap Chat is a very new way of communicating, too. However, as far as I am concerned Snap Chat was created with the idea that everything send there would be deleted in the cyber space after a certain amount of time. However, a few time ago the app which allowed us to save the Snap Chat moments was hacked and all the information may still be kept somewhere, by someone. Isn’t that a bit disturbing, knowing that every personal moment you decided to share is now staying somewhere?


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