Pintrest reality meets perfection

Today, the internet has numeros and very varied online communities from Facebook to Tripadvisor, all of them having the main purpose to engage people to post or interact through the  platform.

The platformthat I’m going to talk about is Pintrest a website launched in 2012 that took over the internet. It is an online community designed as a database of images that range from clothes to architecture, to DIY projects. It works like a search engine where you create your own boards and pin pictures from other users to your, you can also share them with your friends.  It is a good place to find inspiration for future projects or to use if you are interested in a certain subject.

One of the concepts that Pintrest is very famous for is the Do you it yourself projects which promote making a lot of different things by yourself , it can even be food or useful ways to create storage space. This really launched a new wave and not only in the online community because instead of just buying things from the internet or just scrolling and pinning it transposes into real life, encouraging people to do things by themselves.

I think that Pintrest is a very good online community that certainly will gain mor and more followers in the future.



  1. I am a huge fan of Pintrest! My sister is actually getting most of her ideas for wedding planning from there. I think its great that people can share their favourites and also know what their other half wants for Christmas.. :))


  2. I believe that Pinterest is a positive online community, for it eliminates negativity by focusing more on the things being “pinned” rather than the user “pinning” them. The site focuses more on the ideas being shared than the people sharing them, which reduces cyberbullying and negativity online. I love using Pinterest to find new ideas for recipes, DIY projects, travel ideas, and fashion. Pinterest allows users to share their creativity and ideas online. Instead of posting personal information, people can share their own individuality and inspire people with their ideas. I believe it is a positive online community because people share their ideas instead of their negative opinions. You can only “repin” something to your board to save for later. People don’t really comment on things, so it reduces negative comments. Pinterest is a positive community because it brings people’s ideas together in one database so people can be inspired by other’s creativity.


  3. I really like that you chose Pinterest and how you have presented it, because it is THE place to find new ideas and develop your projects. With many people sharing including yourself, you can come across many topics and images. I am not so sure about some of the copyrights on the pictures. Maybe some are illegally shared?


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