We all have at least one favourite series that we absolutely love. There are many online communities such as fan pages or just forums dedicated to certain show series. They are extremely helpful because how many of you finished an episode and was left with a confusion. You can share not only opinions but clues to why something happened. It’s also a nice thought that you can share your interest with people that will completely understand you.

Many seasons are released every year and those sort of communities make you feel as you’re not the only person who is so excited. Also if you were left with something unresolved in the previous season it is a great platform to share your ideas to what might happen next.

Even if you’re simply looking for a new series to start, it’s quite good to read what people have to say about it so you’re not wasting your time.


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  1. I love watching different series, but I have never thought of using the online communities to share ideas and thoughts. I think it is great way of expressing yourself and your interests without sharing personal information on the Internet, which is very important nowadays. Above all, you gave me a great idea! Thanks!


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