An online community which I find positive is student room. This website has many different forums such as studying queries. When I was doing my A-levels, I sometimes looked through other people’s posts who were studying the same subject. It really helped as they put up links to good resources. There is also a section about universities. People who want to go to a certain university or do a particular course can start a discussion where they ask those who have already done so on their opinions. This can help in the decision process. Another section is about relationships where someone may have a problem and people tell them how to get through it. Although it’s useful I find that one of the limitations is that many people who have a solution don’t know what they are talking about if they hadn’t gone through the problem themselves. Therefore, their advice may not be helpful or realistic. There is a section for health and there are many discussions under mental health. It does say on the website that it shouldn’t be used to replace a GP but I find it brilliant that if someone is feeling a certain way they can find others who may give them tips and advice.




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  1. I personally used student room a lot when planning to go to university and I found people personal opinions on the courses and even accommodation very helpful. Especially the checklist for uni. However, the only downfall like any forum website is that it is based on a opinion and not everyone has the same taste or have had the same experiences.


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