The Online Community Of Movie Lovers

My positive example of an online community is the IMDb community. IMDb describes itself as “the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content”. Anyone who visits the website (or opens the app) can search for any movie or celebrity, and find ratings and reviews about them. However, to its members the website offers a lot more. After joining the community users themselves can rate movies. Based on their ratings, the website recommends movies that are similar to the ones that have been highly ranked by the individual. Furthermore, members can help each other with choosing what to watch next by writing their own reviews about movies they have watched. I believe, this is a great website for someone who loves watching films because you can read the honest opinions of people who didn’t get paid for writing the posted reviews. Furthermore, members of the IMDb community can help to broaden the titles and names featured on the website as well by participating as “contributors”. IMDb members can also participate in film related conversations by visiting its message boards. In my opinion, the only limitation of this website is that members can’t contact other members directly. They can visit the profiles of each other, however, IMDb doesn’t offer the opportunity of having private conversations.
I’m sure many of you already use IMDb, however, you may not have an account yet. If you run out of ideas, want to save your own ratings or would like to try writing reviews give it a try!


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