TripAdvisor – An Online Community to Advise

I believe TripAdvisor is an example of a positive online community because it is a site designed to inform and “advise.” People join the community in order to share their advice and help others find the best travel locations, hotels, restaurants, and deals. Instead of other online communities, such as YouTube or Facebook, people can comment on personal information, which can lead to cyberbullying and negativity within the online community. For example, on Youtube, most of the comments below are very judgmental, criticizing the video on its content.  On the other hand, TripAdvisor is an online community not to judge or criticize each other, but to help each other.


TripAdvisor allows the online community to share their own reviews and recommendations on different travel locations and restaurants during a trip. Members of the community benefit from each other because they are able to share honest opinions and advice on different hotels and travel spots. Instead of relying on the bias opinions of restaurants promoting themselves online, people within the TripAdvisor online community can read a variety of opinions, from good reviews to bad reviews. They get an unbiased and diverse perspective on different places, thus making TripAdvisor a reliable source of where to travel to.

Some challenges or limitations about this kind of online community is that everyone has a different taste on locations, foods, and hotels. People have different economic backgrounds also. Thus, some reviews might not apply to all kinds of people. People might have to find specific reviews that apply to their own unique backgrounds and tastes.  Although some reviews may be negative, I still think this online community is a positive kind because the bad reviews only help people learn where not to go and learn from people’s past mistakes. I love using the site’s online forum to ask specific questions to your travel plans. People are always there to answer your questions and provide honest answers. It is a great online community to not only learn, but also to share and help other people learn.

Link to Online Forum: TRIPADVISOR



  1. I agree 100% with the importance of honesty in the case of trip advisor. The reason why its so successful is that the people who are writing reviews aren’t getting paid for doing so. If the content was being created by professionals it wouldn’t differ from the rest of the travel agencies, trip advertisements in any way, so people would have no reason to visit the site and join the community.


  2. I believe, this is a really good example of a positive online community. As you said, people are helping each other by writing their honest feedback, they are co-operating, and as a result this can make some else’s traveling experience better.


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