In my experience Tumblr is one of the better and more positive online communities. I have found fantastic support and advice, and even met one of my best friends online. Tumblr comes forward to support mental health, LGBT+ issues and many other minority groups. They have hosted blackout, women’s day and is a great place to ind out what’s is going on in the world. Tumblr raises awareness in a powerful way.

Tumblr can be a place to go when nowhere else is listening, you can talk to people and have a sense of belonging if the outside world isn’t accommodating.

However many people will argue that Tumblr can be dangerous, as a self made support group doesn’t always offer the best advice. People are free to send and say what they want, leading to abuse and sometimes people will be encouraged to act in unhealthy ways. Many eating disorder encouragement blogs exist, and this can contribute to the growing mental health problem. There isn’t as much censorship, and you can chose to be anonymous, which leads to further abuse problems.

What do you think? Is Tumblr a good online community, or a dangerous one?



  1. I also spoke about Tumblr but I picked out a single blog, as I know there are communities out there that encourage mental health problems. I think that if used correctly Tumblr is a great place for people to meet – I have also made friends through this site, and as well as maintained friendship I use to have. Like all things Tumblr comes with problems but if done right it’s fantastic.


  2. I personally think Tumblr could be a positive community and negative community. Through the participation of this community, some people may find their friends who have common interests, suffer from similar problems, and so on. On the other hand, as you referred above, because there are no limits on freedom of expression, Tumblr could be one of the factors of serious issues. To avoid them, I think it might be helpful to think about both positive and negative aspects of Tumblr.


  3. I agree that Tumblr can be viewed as both a positive and negative online community, as most online communities are nowadays. I have a Tumblr and for me, Tumblr actually is a platform for me to escape and have my own secret space of inspiration from travel and fashion pictures. I reblog photos that inspire me. My Tumblr page is private and I don’t try to connect with many communities through Tumblr. However, I believe Tumblr naturally is an online community, even if people want to remain anonymous. In order to use Tumblr, you have to reblog and share pictures and posts. Thus, you naturally connect with other people’s ideas through photos, even if you don’t know their identity. By sharing and reblogging photos, movements have developed through Tumblr and positive campaigns have started. However, I also agree that some pictures portray negative impacts, such as body image. People sometimes look at Tumblr pictures and try to mimic other’s body sizes or clothing styles. I think Tumblr can also have a negative impact on body image if used the wrong way.


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