Dave: dodgy caravan site 1* or Jane: great cocktails in Bora Bora 5*

Planning a holiday or any form going away is always difficult especially if it involves picky friendstrip and family. TripAdvisor is a good positive example of an online community as it









allows the audience to participate by writing a review on their experiences on restaurants, hotels and locations that they have been too. While also providing you with information, links and photos which the audience do to allow you to get more of a quick idea of the trip you could partake.

This is really useful if like me you are planning a holiday or a trip, the uses of pictures and real people sharing there experiences allows you to get a realistic approach to the experience you will most likely get. Also TripAdvisor is helpful and positive all these elements help when planning a trip away in a large group as they can get more of an idea of the location and public opinion.

One negative aspect is that TripAdvisor, is a matter of opinion and everyone has different taste and there own idea of how certain standards are meant to. So something i may count as a negative when planning a holiday such  as lack of clubs or waterspouts and post a bad review with low marks someone else might consider that to be a positive element and post positive feedback and high marks.

So, really this online community should be taken from a generalized perspective not a biased mindset.



  1. This is a good blog post. It’s interesting that you have done used TripAdvisor as an online community, i don’t too much about TripAdvisor besides it being a location information and reviewing site. However i think you right, it is an online community.

    It provides a comments box that allows users to here the pros and cons of a location.

    Its good that you have explained how users can help each other by offering their points of view (links and photos) on a location as it will help audiences pick the correct location.

    Its also good that you understand that all comments are a matter of opinion and some users will agree while others disagree.


  2. I find tripadvisor a very useful site as well because, unlike other travel sites it gives you the publics opinion and people can comment and rate diffrent tourist place or restaurant or bars.
    I consider that its an interactive site as well because it allows to ask diffrent questions, so it forms a community known as a forum online, where people that have been to that destanation can help you.
    I agree that a negative side is that its very subjective and that it depends on the person likings that don mot always apply to us.
    Overall thoug its a very interactive, helpful and diverse platform which i too would advise people to use.


  3. TripAdvisor is awesome as people can find proper places where they travel to. It is based on personal comments so it can be pretty reliable so everyone can share its experience on the website. The only drawback is that some people are funded by restaurants, clubs et cetera to give fake or positive reviews influencing where people want to go.


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