Am I Private or Visible?

I am present on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. My Facebook profile is as private as possible, meaning, that only my friends can see the things I share. I chose this setting because I share things about myself quite often, especially pictures and check-ins at the places I visit. Anyone can add me as a friend, however, until I accept their requests they won’t see the details of my profile. Regarding my bio and the information about me I shared nearly nothing. All people can see on my profile is that I go to Westminster, study PR and live in London. They can also see who my sister is, who is also using Facebook.
On Instagram I have a private account and I actually really deny the following requests from people who I don’t know. I share my own photos as well as funny or nice photos I just feel like posting for some reason. From the bio section of my Instagram profile people can’t tell anything about my life, I only have a quote there.
I consider my Snapchat account my most personal one. I even deleted people who I knew but weren’t really my friends. I post a lot about my everyday life and I only want my friends to see it.
I believe how much we share or keep to ourselves or to our friends on these platforms are under the control of the platform itself in a way because there are policies and certain ways in which they work. However, when we sign up to a social media platform we accept these rules which means we agree to use according to them.


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  1. What do you think about Facebook privacy settings though? Is this all something you had considered before? I agree with what you said about Snapchat, it really does feel the most private from the public, with the ability to deny people access to your content. I agree with you, I only want my friends knowing where I am when I post.


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