Too Nervous About Online Visibility?

I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

I share my name, occupation and gender to the public on Facebook. Only my friends can see my posts, friends’ list and the public information. Both Instagram and Twitter are protected and there are no followers, which means no one can see my information. They are currently used for not transmitting the information or interacting with people but gaining my favourite information more quickly.

The reason for my privacy settings on those social networking sites is simple: I do not like to share my personal information with someone whom I do not know. If a person does not know me, he or she might not find my information online. However, I am uncomfortable with releasing the information even if it is not found or misused by someone. For me, leaving the information online is like putting photo of me in the middle of a street, which would give me feelings of anxiety and shame.

Moreover, I would be quite upset if my friends upload pictures of me on SNSs without asking even though the images are visible to “friends.” First of all, even if those friends are my friends’ friends, they might not my friends. Secondly, I cannot see the point of sharing those images with others even though my friends and I probably have a good time offline.

I sometimes feel that I am obsessed with my online invisibility but I am happy to choose such invisibility on SNSs at the moment.



  1. You have very good reasons as to why you are so private online. Reading your post back I think I wish I was as private as you because no one needs to know any of your business. I think the point you mentioned about your friends putting up pictures without your permission was a very good point that a lot of people don’t seem to think twice about. Also comparing to putting information online is like having a picture of you in the street was something to think about.

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  2. This is a really interesting way of looking at your online visibility. I like how have looked at how this topic affects you socially, rather than how it could affects important information such as bank details. You don’t like feeling exposed online much like if a billboard displayed your photo to the world, this is understandable for most.

    I also like your point about friends and usually I would agree that your consent is needed before a comment, video or image is uploaded. Most of my friends are trust worthy but that does mean there friends are?

    Great blog post it was down to earth and relatable to most people.

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