Being 90% online

Everyone is trying to be “popular” on social networks. Yes, everyone. We always try to get as many likes as possible on Instagram or as many followers as possible on SnapChat.
Although I don’t use SnapChat because I find it very useless and boring I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My profiles are not private because I have a lot of followers and I like showing my stuff with them but not everything. I love sharing videos, pictures and what I am up to that day but not personal/private information. My profiles don’t show where I live, who my family is (unless I explicitly say something about them or tag them in), where I went to school or what my telephone number is.


I am very strict about what I share and what I don’t and who I share it with. Although I post stuff on a daily basis I still think it’s important to have a “wall” between you and your audience.

I am only visible on the social networks I mentioned above. I don’t really do online gaming, dating sites or other sort of websites where you can share locations and personal details. Internet experts can already track up our life without us sharing our information so I think that’s enough.


Just to make some promotion, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram.



  1. In relevance to what you said about your privacy, I think that people tend to share everything they feel comfortable with being seen by someone else. Some people prefer to post only pictures, others prefer to show their family members. I definitely depends on the person we actually are.


  2. I literally do not understand in what ways you gained so many followers. You buy them or what? 😀
    I think being as popular as you are online requires to be visible, open and present. You don’t have to share your telephone number, but your social media profiles can tell a lot about you.
    Share some top tips with all of us who are seeking for some followers. I have like 5 people following me on Twitter…


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