Binded by Binary

Growing up being visible on social networks such as MSN live messenger was a good thing as that meant I can communicate and nudge friends who i’d seen probably about 20 minutes ago at school that day. So putting my personal details online wasn’t such a bad thing as I saw it as communicating and interaction between me and my friends, but mostly fitting into what was becoming the normal.

But as I’ve grown older and more wiser to the dangers there isn’t much you can do about removing or changing your online visibility. One of my biggest fear is online shopping.

I personally love shopping and find it a really handy way to shop without moving, but putting the advantages aside most companies encourage you to store your card and bank details with their ‘secure’ website to make it easier and quicker to shop. This is my biggest fear where is this information stored and who can have access to my personal information?

I can always change or remove my personal bank details from the websites such as Paypal or amazon, but it will still be there somewhere and i will probably end up using that website again.  Alongside the fact that someone can hack and steal all the money I own from my account, all my details such as address, name and phone number is easily accessible and since I’m already so visible on social network sites such as Facebook it wouldn’t be hard to find me from the details i have submitted on there.

So being visibly online seems great but now that we are more educated as a community we are very limited to the overall control of our own information.


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