Data Gambling


I believe most of us don’t even think of our information being held somewhere in the cyberspace, until we start talking about it on lectures or we see some shocking documentary. However, what happens next is that we become a bit worried about everything we post as our personal data, but our worries end the second we shoot a shockingly beautiful selfie and we cannot hold ourselves from putting it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Some of us even make their addresses, family members, places we go to visible, without even thinking that it makes us more vulnerable. There are a lot of people who may try to harm us, but the feeling of being a part of the online community is so strong that we prefer to close our eyes to what is happening around us. What concerns me even more though, is that despite our photos and the places we go to, we happily provide our bank accounts, our insurance numbers, even pictures of personal documents. Yes, allows its users to play poker, only if the user provides a PICTURE of the insurance number plus a passport, ID or driving licence. This website is the largest website for poker existing, can we imagine how many personal data is stored there?


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  1. That’s insane! I don’t play poker, but even if I did I don’t know if I would ever be willing to give up information as private as my social insurance number. I also think that you’re right about platforms like Instagram and Snapchat having something to do with the changing attitudes surrounding online privacy and visibility. When I was younger, my mom would forbid me from even using my real name online, but now I post my birth date, education history, and sometimes even my address without thinking twice. I know that being so forthcoming with my information can be dangerous, but this danger often isn’t apparent and so I don’t think much about it.


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