Do we have control of online visabilty?

We can all agree that being on social media includes sharing information with others right? This has shown to be done in different ways with different types of social media. For instance with Instagram, mainly pictures are put up of captured moments that individuals like to share with their followers. Instagram allows us to caption our photos which is a way of giving out more information, from either saying where the photo was taken, who else is in the picture (tagging them) , using song lyrics or phrases that represent the picture, you as an individual and how you are feeling .

On the other hand we have Facebook and on most people profile you have a section where you can describe who you are, where you can mention the school you  go/went to , what country you live in, what you are studying, email address, phone number etc. Then you can also post statuses to share with your following friends on what exactly is on your mind. I have seen statuses where individuals have exploited their own family issues that is currently going on, or young mothers expressing the stress they are going through with their kids.

The question I ask is, do we have control on our online visibility? From my perspective I would say we do, as we get to choose who we allow to share our information with by making our  Instagram or Facebook account private or public. Even with Facebook, when it comes to the pictures or statuses we post, we have the option of choosing who we allow to see it whether they are our friends on Facebook or not.



  1. I think that we have some control over our visibility online, but sometimes we don’t. For example, I agree that we control what we put out on the Internet. We chose if we create a profile for social media platforms. We control what pictures, captions, and information we post on our social media platforms. We control the amount of visibility of followers can see. On my Facebook, only my friends and family can see my personal information. However, I know some people who allow anyone to see their personal profile. So in that sense, we do control our visibility online by deciding to join social media and posting pictures. On the other hand, the Internet is a huge limitless space of information and users. Our age is a sharing society, and people love to share and spread information instantly. Thus, even if we try to control our privacy, they people we do allow to see our information can always share it. People that have access can always share things to other people who don’t have access. Therefore, I think that sometimes we do not have control over our visibility due to this sharing culture.


  2. I do believe we have control over our personal information, or at least we think we have one. I am not a supporter of the Conspiracy Theory, but I think that even if you put that little lock and hide information from people, Facebook for example, would still know what you are hiding. Don’t you agree?


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