Friends of friends

The only online platforms that I have a real presence on are Facebook and Instagram. I like to think my settings are relatively private on both, though it’s most likely only my Instagram that has some real privacy.

My Facebook account was made when I was around 14 years old. It is private and people must add me to see most of my content. I do not have my age, address or where I live on there. However, friends of friends are able to see photographs that I put up. Therefore there are people that are strangers to myself, but ‘friends’ of the person tagged in my photograph are able to scroll through my pictures that I post.

My Instagram is a private account, therefore people cannot see my photographs unless they have requested, and I have accepted, for them to follow my account. There is no further information on there other than my account name, which is made up of my first and last name. For some images I post I add the location at which they were taken, that would allow my followers to know where I am/was when the photo is taken. I also have far fewer Instagram followers than I do Facebook friends. Every one of my Instagram followers is somebody that I know. I think that because I was a lot older when I set up my Instagram I have been more careful with my privacy and more selective with whom I want to see my pictures.

I tend not to worry about privacy all that much online because I don’t believe I’m giving too much info to strangers, however I’m sure when I’m older I’ll look back at some of the pictures posted of me by friends on Facebook and wish that the internet wasn’t able to hold on to them forever.


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