How Visible Am I

I am well aware that I am very visible online, I have Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and an online blog. My Facebook is the most private social media I have, and honestly I’m not really sure how much security I have on there. My Twitter, Instagram, tumblr and blog are completely available to the public, but that’s kind of the point. As a journalism student my online presence is important and i want an employer to be able to find and contact me via social media. I do filter what I put on these sites, but the entire point is to get my personality across.

Often people will comment about my airing my opinions on politics and equality online, and whether or not I would want employers to see this. My reply is normally that as a person I am entitled to my opinions, and this doesn’t mean I can’t be professional in the workplace. I feel like filtering out social media so much has removed the point of even using it. It seems wrong to me that my Facebook page would be part of a job interview. So yes, I am very visible online, but I don’t mind.



  1. I really get where you’re coming from here, I have no problem with my personality coming through on social media. However, I find that Facebook has too many options for me to share personal details; something I believe to be different to my personality. I don’t mind who knows that I’m a feminist and I would shout it from a roof top for anyone to hear, however my post code? I’d like to keep that very personal.


  2. I totally agree with your job interview comment, as media students I understand social media is a big part of what we do however creating personal accounts I don’t see why potential employee’s feel the need to bring up your personal social media sites. Although social media can be a way of getting jobs so it is a hard balance.

    I also think because you know your visible online and don’t mind is a good thing because you accept that there is information about you on the internet but as you are aware I believe that is a positive thing.


  3. I’m interested in your way of privacy settings on the SNSs. As you wrote, your “Facebook page would be part of a job interview.” I would probably adopt similar online privacy tactics to yours if I aimed to be a journalist. One of my friends who is now trying to become a photojournalist uses the SNS like you and has another very private account which is protected and cannot be identified.
    I thought you use the SNSs to expand your own business field in the future and control what you post by filtering. I guess that is why you “don’t mind.” While online visibility could be dangerous, it might give us a chance of our future.


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