I have lost the count in my accounts…

Online visibility and your privacy settings, most likely, are not at the top of your head. At least, before someone points that out. Unconsciously, we do share quite a lot information abous us. Our private life events, pictures and location are out there.

I am visible online. I do have accounts on Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Periscope and online shopping like Ebay or Not On The High Street websites. And probably many more, that I have forgotten about. Nowadays, any action that we do online require some sort of information about us. For instance, if you want to buy something or experimenting with a newly launched app, it always require a sing in information like name/user name, email, telephone number and so on. The other option is to link one profile to another.

Most of the information about me is accessible to my friends, family and people who I know. People, who are close to me, are overseas so I choose to share my life with them in the way to interact and keep them updated. And visa versa. There is some information that is set privately and only accessible to me. At least I would like to think that way.  Rhetorical question: why is it uploaded if only I can see it? Just in case I will forget my date of birth?

I do believe that information about us is under our control. The main question is how responsible we are with our private life?



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  1. I agree that many of us do not think very often about the implication of pur privacy online and how we share details of our personal lifes.
    Since i have come to uni and use more often online shopping sites i have lost count of how many accounts i have and mailbox is full of emails from diffrent sites or apps.
    On the postive side, i like instagram because i can play around posting photos of what i see around london and facebook lets me keep in contact much easier with family and friends.


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