Should we care more about online privacy?


I have publicly shared information on facebook, twitter and youtube. However, I try to be selective and make use of privacy settings. I don’t have many photos on facebook, and some albums can only be viewed by some friends. When I’m tagged in photos or posts, I have to accept or decline them first.

Searching about facebook’s privacy settings, I find that there are more privacy options than I knew of. At least I have ignored some, because I feel that it doesn’t concern me too much. Im not a fan of the ‘message seen’, but it’s not something I have turned off either.

I think its important to remember, that there are many ways in which we can enhance our online privacy, and that it’s not as complicated as it might appear. However, if your a privacy freak, you shouldn’t be on facebook. Ultamitely even the basic information on your profile, sais a lot about you. And that’s something we can’t do very much about, unless we avoid it completely. My friends in Germany have encripted all their messaging on facebook, and have encouraged me to do the same. I’ve tried it, but I haven’t stuck with it. In some way I  feel guilty, because I do care about privacy. Do you think that if we really care about privacy, we should be encripting our messaging?


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