My mum worries more than I do

Since the invention of social media, I feel there’s a whole new type of privacy and security that is needed for users to be mindful about online. My parents have always taught me to be internet smart and aware about what I share online and who can see it, for my own safety and also that I have a clean profile for when I look for future jobs. My mum says they use “internet hacker companies” to scan through all your social media accounts for your to be boss, she worries. There have been countless of cases of people sharing things online that they shouldn’t of and had to face serious consequences.

I use Facebook the most out of all social media accounts and contains most of my information which is shared only my friends. If a random person were to search for me on Facebook and found my profile, they wouldn’t be able to see any information about me unless they added me. My parents and high school have always taught us to not share any personal information online, even with your my friends online.

I actually used to create content on Youtube where I would sit in front of the camera talking about topics and doing challenges, small hobby of mine at the time. Having a presence on Youtube which is public and creating content like I did and what many famous Youtubers do as well, you are in a spotlight for millions of people to see depending how on successful you were. You still have to be careful about what you share. For example, I wouldn’t share the following; phone number, address, school/ university, credit card details etc.

In conclusion, everyone has set different boundaries of safety for each other, people may share less/ more about themselves than you and I would. I feel it’s very important issue to be aware about and should be taught in schools. Our generation grew up with this technology and the every evolving internet which means we look at this differently than many other generations do but no matter what safety comes first when online.



  1. When it comes to online presence i am the same as you. My facebook profile is only for the friends i accept.
    I think parents may be a bit more worried because they know better than us, what an employer looks for, and if they try to search you on the internet it is much better if your presence is reduced.
    I agree with the fact that it is very important nowadays to have internet education because the generations before us use technology from such a young age and i consider that they have to be aware of the risks and the need for privacy.


  2. Hey! Do you believe that educating young people at school about this issue would be effective? How many times our parents are trying to give us advice on something to protect us and we just don’t listen…do you think school will be able to persuade students not to put personal information online?


  3. I agree that now we are growing in a world where social media has become a huge part of our every day lives, it is essential that parents teach the younger generations on the extent of online visibility they should have to protect their selves and their future jobs.


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