Opening our privacy up

A common source of our privacy being opened is social media; Facebook, twitter, instagram. We allow strangers to have an insight into our lives, our birthday, our friends and family,a significant amount of our private information. Also these online platforms have huge advantages, for example being able to talk to our friends and family across the world with one click, there can be negatives attached to signing up.

A great example for online privacy is the 2014 celebrity hack involving, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens and more high profile actresses. Naked photos and text messages were leaked online by a group of hackers. Although this is not directly social media, this is still information being taken from one of our most priced possessions, our mobile phones.

I keep everything on my phone, i would even go as far as saying my whole life is basically on my phone. All the apps, e.g email are automatically logged in and therefore if anyone hacked my phone they could pretty much access all of my information. This concept has become normalised, we do not think about how much information we are putting out on to the web or on to our phones.


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