Something I’ve never thought to worry about

Growing up with the internet meant that the first thing I was ever taught about the internet was that it is a terrifying and dangerous place! And being told the same thing over, and over, again by all the different adults in my life from such a young age meant this really stuck with me.
This is also probably why I hardly post on Facebook, let alone share my personal information like my mobile phone number, or home address. In fact if you’re not friends with me most of my profile is private. This doesn’t mean I’m still a terrified 12 year old using a fake name online, I enjoy the internet, I just don’t see myself as a huge broadcaster. I’ve spread my internet access across different social medias but the results seems to normally be the same, not much to tell.
However I’m not ignorant to the world wide web, I know my information is sold for advertising purposes – but I simply struggle to care about it. I knew from the start that would be the deal, (how else would a business make a profit?) and with the simple magic of adblocker I never have to see this advertising. Have you ever thought twice about terms and agreements? Maybe we should before we jump into the world of social media.



  1. I’m with you in that I find that I just don’t really care about the catches that come with having social media etc. I have never read the terms and conditions, but because I don’t post much about myself at all I don’t think I have much to worry about. I know we’ve all had discussions in class about ‘why would anyone be interested in my information?’ and I know we have decided it may be a little bit naive but I still just can’t really make myself worry about my privacy online when I provide them with such little info!


  2. I think that there are a few people, maybe who have a lot of time on their hands, to read the agreements when they create and account somewhere. I just learned today that when you post anything on Facebook they automatically have the copyrights for it. It came to me as a shock, which I believe would come for many of us. So, despite how careful we may be, we can always be shocked by the privacy we lack on the Internet.


  3. Really enjoyed the blog post it was very down to earth and explained your view point on online visibility very well.

    I’m surprised that you discovered online businesses use the users information to target them in market etc. It took myself some time to discovered that we as users were being sort of exploited in this way. Though i did know that there was something more going on.

    Again like you, i don’t really post comments on Facebook. i tend to only post images and share other comments i think are good. However i do show some of my information such as profile picture and Facebook friends lists publicly. All other information on my page only becomes available once i have accepted the friend request. However most users use this standard Facebook setting so I’m still debating weather i should change it.


  4. I like how you have written your idea and I have to partially agree with you. I usually am quite active on Facebook, share ideas, songs, videos etc. But I am active mostly because I have contact with other people and that is crucial for me. I agree with your idea of not sharing private data on every platform you use, but I think that is the idea of social media – to put some information so that others can find you


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