Surprise, surprise!

Privacy is important for me and I’m usually careful when sharing any of my personal information online. However, when I typed my name on the Google search I was more than surprised. In many sites my name appeared with the World Dance Sport Federation athlete title. Yes, I used to be dancing professionally, but I quieted a long time ago. Those sites had information on my dancing partners and on competitions that I went to. I never thought that this information is there, available for anyone to see until I did this exercise.

On my social media sites I can be found under a different name. My Facebook account is private, but anyone can still see where I come from and what are my interests. Just recently I put my Instagram on public mode. The images that I post are usually just of myself. It is very rare for me to share anything to do with my family or friends. I keep it to myself. My photos are misleading in some way. Even people close to me who follow me would not always understand where I am and ask me.

Finding yourself online is interesting, but it is annoying to find something that you wouldn’t want to be shared. After doing this exercise I will recheck my social media and remove any unnecessary information.


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