Topic and Audience.

The account I use the most is my Facebook account. My visibility always depends on what I post. When posting pictures of myself, I make them friends only. I also used to post pictures of my little sister. However, I constantly heard about the dangers of doing so and I have now made all of them visible to myself only. When I want to share an article or write about something public I don’t adjust my settings. This is because I don’t mind if people see what I think of certain situations happening across the world. For WhatsApp, I allow everyone to see my status but my profile picture is only visible to my contacts. I think the privacy settings are very important as they give us a choice in how visible we want to be. Although, hackers can probably find everything even if you have made it friends only, I don’t worry about this as I don’t really put everything online. The reason is because I think you shouldn’t share everything with the world. How many of us are really close with all of our Facebook friends, for example. Many are just acquaintances. The way we use our visibility online tells a lot about what kind of person we are. Some people are very open while others are very private.



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  1. I think changing our privacy settings according to subjects is a very useful online strategy to not only protect our private information but also transmit our thoughts. I also agree that not every online friend is a close friend. Sometimes we might find common interests after making friends with someone online and become a close friend. However, in most cases, we would add someone to our friends’ list and maintain a status of  “acquaintance.” In addition, I came up with a question after reading your blog post. In what way do you think that “online tells a lot about what kind of person we are?”


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