Trapped on a platform

As many of us today I included use social media and have a few accounts on different social media sites. I do admit that since i have come to uni my social media sites have increased but somehow if you want to avoid social media sites or sites where you need to create a profile, it is very hard. Nowadays the majority of sites ask you to create an account. The concern is how much information do you give and what are the risks.

For example, i have a Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and  Instagram account that are most used social media accounts, and concerning my privacy I always keep my profiles private and only accept people I know. I admit to posting a lot on Facebook that also includes picture but i never use check in because i do not like people knowing what my exact location is. On google there are only two pictures of me that are form my souncloud and mixcloud account.

Other issues concerning privacy on the internet can be about your card details, your address and personal data and it depends on how much we trust a website, because in today’s society where we want to do things easier to save time ordering online is very handy. My opinion is that we always have to be cautious with what we post, what we share and who has credibility.


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  1. I agree that in today’s society, we have to be really cautious on what we decide to post, share, and who has credibility online. The Internet is such a vast space of information and users, we never know when our personal information can get in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the Internet can never fully protect our privacy. There are always hackers and people who share other’s private information. Therefore, when joining the Internet community, we must be very careful with who we trust and what we post. I only post pictures where people cannot know my exact location. I also make sure I turn all of my location notifications off on my mobile phone so no one can track me through my social media platforms. I think when joining online communities, we must be very careful with what we share so that we can protect our privacy to some extent.


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