Visibility Online as a Blogger

I am very visible online. Not only do I have social media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter – but I also created my own entertainment and lifestyle blog. For my social media handles, I allow only a limited audience to see my personal profiles on some of my accounts, while other accounts I let the whole public view my profile. For example, for Facebook I only accept people I truly know to view my profile because my Facebook is my most personal social media platform. I post pictures on there with my family and friends and for my family and friends to see the pictures. It is a more personal account to have, so I only allow a limited audience to view it because I do not want people I do not know to have access to my personal information. On the other hand, my Instagram and Twitter are open to the public, so anyone can view them. I chose to do it this way because I use my Instagram and Twitter as digital marketing components for my blog. I tweet out blog links so my followers can easily access my latest article.  I also instagram travel, fashion, and food photos on my Instagram because that is what I blog about.

However, because I have a blog, a lot of information about me is not always under my control. I chose to put myself out there on the Internet, so I knew there would be pros and cons. I have always loved being creative and sharing my ideas, so my blog allows me to do just that. I write articles on things I’m passionate about – such as fashion, books, food, music, and travel. So most of my articles are not very personal, but more of opinions. However, by starting a blog, I have grown a following, so my visibility online has increased. Some of the pros for this increased visibility is that I found my current job through my blog. I used my blog as my online portfolio, and they liked the content and the social media following I had, so I was hired as a social media producer at the company. However, there are cons with an online presence also. People have created fake accounts under my name or commented fake stories on my posts. I do not have control over what people can comment or say about me or my blog. People know what city I am from and where I travel based on blog posts, but my personal information is still very limited for safety.  Sometimes I do not like how visible I am online because of my blog, but I love writing and creating online content. So, it is just one of the cons will having a blog – more people will get to know you online and your visibility will increase.


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  1. I think you have a right approach. We all study media and social media is one of the thing that we use on the daily bases. As I see that your blog has been in your favour (work placement, followers etc.) As you mentioned, this was your choice. I think it’s impossible to be an invisible blogger. Visibility is your success. 🙂


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