Visible online for friends

I am definitely one of those people who has a lot of information about myself on Facebook. It knows where I live, when I moved to London, where I study, where I work and worked and contact details such as mobile number and email address. Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that we use and many of us who use it set it up when we were much younger. Saying this we were not much aware of sharing our information and details and a lot of them stuck until today.

Apart from Facebook, I only use Instagram where personal information is visible and both of them are open so anyone can see the profile. This is because I am quite private when it comes managing the profile itself. I never post and don’t tend to frequently update my page with pictures therefore I don’t feel my profile should be completely private and limited to friends only.

I really like how Facebook gives you that option to manage what others tag you into. I have selected that option and whenever someone wants to tag me into something that would appear on my profile I have to accept it first.

I don’t use online dating websites or gaming etc, only platforms where I can communicate with my friends so I don’t mind being them visible.


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  1. Have any of the discussions in class about online privacy made you consider changing some of your privacy settings? I know some discussions and some horror stories have made me reconsider the number of ‘friends’ I have on Facebook that can see my things, and bit by bit I’m going through and deleting the people I don’t know all that well. It sounds like you have a lot of information available on Facebook, (which is fine if you’re comfortable with that!) but do you ever think there might be a time in your life when you don’t want people to have access to all the personal stuff?


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